Here is an index of more than 30 industry reports on:

(the most recent in bold) Agile, AppSec, CHAOS, Cloud Native, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, DevSecOps, Feature Management, IT Performance Management, Kanban, Observability, Open Source Security, Platform Engineering, Project to Product, Serverless, Software Delivery, Software Security, Software Supply Chain, SRE, Upskilling IT, VSM, World Quality + Climate Change

VSM Reports

Project to Product Report

2023 Project to Product State of the Industry Report (March 2023)

SRE Reports

The SRE Report 2023 (December 2022)

Global SRE Pulse 2022 (August 2022)

State of SRE Report (March 2022)

Other DevOps Reports

DevOps Benchmarking Study 2023 (March 2023)

State of Platform Engineering Report (September 2022)

AI-Augmented DevOps Report (August 2022)


The 2020 State of Software Delivery (November 2020)
Data-backed benchmarks for engineering teams

Continuous Delivery Reports

NEW- State of CICD Report (April 2024)

Previous reports

DZone's 2022 "DevOps: CI/CD and Application Release Orchestration" Trend Report (March 2022)

Serverless Report

NEW - The State of Serverless Report (August 2023)

CHAOS Report

CHAOS Report: Beyond Infinity (2020) by The Standish Group

State of Agile Reports

NEW - 17th State of Agile (January 2024)

NEW - 2023 Business Agility Report - Leading Through Uncertainty

The state of Agile Culture Report 2023 

State of Agile Coaching Report (June 2022)
Measuring the Impact of Agile Coaching

2021 Report:

IT Performance Management Report

24 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2022 (July 2022)
Digital Enterprise Journal

State of Kanban Reports

State of Kanban Report 2022 (October 2022)
by the Kanban University

AppSec & DevSecOps Reports

Gitlab 2023 Global DevSecOps Report (April 2023)

2023 State of Application Security (April 2023) 

2023 State of Software Security (February 2023) 


Application Security Observability Report (August 2021)

The State of DevSecOps Report (November 2020)


Software Supply Chain Reports

NEW - 2023 The State of the Software Supply Chain (October 2023)

2022 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) Report

Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) and Cybersecurity Readiness (February 2022)

The 2022 State of the Software Supply Chain (February 2022)


Quality and Testing Reports

Feature Management Reports

The State of Feature Management (November 2021)

The 2019 Feature Adoption Report

Cloud Sustainability

Etat des lieux des indicateurs environnementaux du Cloud - September 2023

Climate Change (GIEC/ipcc)



Beyond checking the box - How to create business value with embedded sustainability
by IBM Institute for Business Value


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