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“That's it, the loop is closed!? Is the 16% growth in the measurement of realized value a sign that the promises of agility are finally being kept? All the pieces of the puzzle are there, and now need to be fully integrated: from defining the expected elements of value to discovering, developing, and delivering software products or services in small increments, to measuring their realization. The hardest part for managers is to connect all the dots and rethink the system of working on the basis of a truly customer-centric culture. The good news is that they can now draw on VSM practices and platforms to achieve this, and highlight their impact on business outcomes!”
Patrice Corbard, VSMC Head of Content, Founder & CEO at SD ReFocus

Contributions to the VSMC's blog:
Here are excerpts from blog posts written for the VSM Consortium over the past two years:

You can also find the full articles on the VSMC website:

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