value stream

What is a Value Stream Network?

This extract from a collective article discusses a critical and often unseen aspect of value stream management, the Value Stream Network.

Insights from the VSM PulseMeter

The purpose of this article is to present the main findings of the recent PulseMeter poll on VSM conducted by TechStrong Research and Atlassian. 

The Project-to-Product Shift and VSM

This article presents Planview’s inaugural “Project-to-Product State of the Industry Report”, and its key findings around an integrated VSM approach and flow metrics.

Is Onboarding a Value Stream?

Here is an excerpt from the fifth post in the “Is THIS a value stream?” series of blog posts, this time dedicated to Onboarding.

Is Incident Management a Value Stream?

In this, the first of a series of blog posts from the Value Stream Management Consortium, our experts weigh in on, “Is THIS a value stream?” First up, we’re looking at Incident Management.