Book: “Making Work Visible”

By Dominica DeGrandis, 2017 – Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow

“Knowing where to focus starts with making work and time thieves visible to everyone.
Operational guidance that can be applied immediately.”

What I Liked The Most

  • The highly operational approach illustrated by lived situations, making lean, kanban, and agile concepts and principles accessible
  • Techniques that can easily be experimented with in order to make quick gains by bringing clarity and visibility (reduce overload, increase focus on what matters most, prevent constant interruptions…)
  • Scientific thinking to improve the work by small experiments and empirical observations
  • “Many of the problems related to time thievery have to do with organizational problems or company culture”

What Important Lessons I Learned

  • How to recognize the five time-thieves: Too much WIP, unknown dependencies, unplanned work, conflicting priorities, and neglected work
  • “When everything is a priority one, nothing is a priority one”,
  • “Lack of visible data in IT makes us blind”
  • “When it comes to efficiency, time is wasted when there is too much focus on resource efficiency over flow-efficiency”
  • How to better manage my time using Pomodoro and facilitate Lean Coffee meetings

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