Book Notes

Book: “Implementing Lean Software Development”

This book is incredibly rich. It is impossible to summarize its teachings in a few points without omitting major contributions. In my opinion, this book is the root of all the other books classified under the label ‘DevOps’.

Book: “Sooner Safer Happier”

Really a very good book that I recommend. It offers a very clear synthesis of the different bodies of knowledge (lean, agile, and DevOps) without forgetting more recent works like Team Topologies for example.
The concepts are illustrated by case studies of large companies, which are the main focus of the book.

Book: “Value Stream Mapping”

Without doubt, the essential book and guidance for anyone wishing to discover or improve their value stream mapping practices.

Book: “Team Topologies”

Certainly with Project-to-Product, the reference book on the dynamic organization of software delivery teams and their interactions, aligned with business objectives and software architecture.

Book: “Making Work Visible”

Knowing where to focus starts with making work and time thieves visible to everyone. Operational guidance that can be applied immediately.