Book: “Team Topologies”

by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais

What I Liked The Most

  • Clear explanations on the relationship between Organization Design and Software Architecture: Conway’s Law and Reverse Conway Maneuver.
  • Descriptions of 4 fundamental Team Topologies to enable the fast flow of software delivery: Stream-Aligned, Platform, Enabling, and Complicated Subsystem teams.
  • Pragmatic recommendations to take into account a team’s sustainable Cognitive Load.

What Important Lessons I Learned

  • Involve software architects when thinking about team organization.
  • Use of simple visual shapes to collaboratively discuss teams and their interactions.
  • Reshape teams’ organization with the evolution of maturity and context changes.

The book and its companion website provide many industrial case studies. This is how I discovered the very interesting monthly newsletter 0800-DEVOPS, by Ivan Krnic (CROZ).

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