Book: “Implementing Lean Software Development”

by Mary and Tom Poppendick, 2006 – From Concept to Cash

This book is incredibly rich. It is impossible to summarize its teachings in a few points without omitting major contributions.
In my opinion, this book is the root of all the other books classified under the label ‘DevOps’.

What I Liked The Most

  • The Seven Principles of Lean Software Development with their associated common myths.
  • The Seven Wastes of Software Development.
  • All chapters address topics that are still at the heart of our concerns: customer experience, project versus product, business relationships, design for operations, accountability, psychological safety, leadership, and so on.

What Important Lessons I Learned

  • Copying practices without understanding the underlying principles have a long history of mediocre results.
  • You can’t sustain high speed unless you build quality in.
  • Every time a defect is detected, stop the line, find the root cause, and devise a way to prevent a similar defect from occurring in the future.
  • If you focus on driving utilization up, things will slow down.
  • Do not undermine team cooperation by rewarding individual performance.

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